Infrastructure for selling art online

Augier leverages virtual reality and
commerce tools to help galleries and
auction houses sell their physical goods


Augier Virtual Spaces

Augier's digital commerce tools are built to provide support for more autonomous art businesses such as independent galleries and artists

“These New York Times”

Gallery Exhibition for Brooklyn Artist Michael “E2SAE” Baca


Greek-architecture themed space for startup Vienna Hypertext


Made for Creative Director of AWGE, Robert Gallardo

“Pop International”

Gallery space for Pop International Gallery in Soho

Services & Features

All entirely taking place on your custom virtual world

  • Auctions
  • Sales
  • Fractional Sales
  • 3D Modeling
  • Chat SDK Suport
  • Physical NFC Tagging
  • Buy with Credit Card or Crypto
  • Metaverse Auction Experience
  • Build Community


Augier Index

The Augier index provides a jargon-free framework to allow galleries to create “digital certificates” counterparts for their physical artworks completely on-chain.

By tracking ownership and transmission in an immutable history on the blockchain, Augier provides a way for everyone to verify ownership

Register Your Artwork on Augier

Upload Relevant

Upload photographs, past appraisals, receipts, certificates of authenticity, etc.

Free blockchain-secured

Your collection will be registered by trusted third parties who check your data and provenance for accuracy

Build an index
for life

Your artworks are added to the public index and are endorsed as verified artworks while protecting privacy of ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital certificate is a digital representation of a physical artwork that affirms ownership and authenticity of said physical work on the blockchain.

Digital certificates ensure artist royalties in perpetuity, increases accessibility of valued items and will create a centralized index for authenticity and provenance of artworks.

All artworks sold on the Augier platform are stored by their respective galleries in storage vaults or temperature controlled viewing rooms.

Augier works directly with trusted galleries that have their pieces authenticated by third party industry professionals. Our process demands the necessary paper work in order to for an artwork to be deemed authentic and sold as a digital certificate on our platform.